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How will filing bankruptcy affect my credit score?

Posted by Jonathan Proctor | Sep 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

I get this question from nearly everyone I meet who is considering whether bankruptcy is right for them.  And IT IS an important question.  But we should first ask a bigger question: can I pay off all of my debt in a reasonable period of time on my own?  Credit scores are important, but if you're reading this you likely have more debt than you can manage right now.  

Bankruptcy is designed to deal with debts, whether by discharging them or repaying them under reasonable terms; it is not designed to deal with credit scores.  That being said, one major factor of anyone's credit score is their total amount of debt; by eliminating those debts in bankruptcy, someone puts themselves in a position to actually begin improving their credit over time instead of treading water with those old debts dragging them down. During our consultation we can look at your existing score, how a bankruptcy would reduce that score for the near future, and what steps you can take to rebuild your credit and have a higher credit score over time.

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I have been representing debtors in bankruptcy for over 10 years in the greater Atlanta area and have successfully handled thousands of cases.  I was previously the managing partner at a large bankruptcy firm and recently started my own firm with the goal of providing the highest level of client ...


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