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"It’s much easier to breathe now even with a mask on!"

"We all make mistakes and I can honestly say I have learned my lesson! I am a single parent of 2 kids. I make a decent living but that's only because I try to budget and limit spending. My credit score was going up and I had a little change in the bank…things where going good. Out of no where a car loan from my past with a balance of $16,000 garnished my check for 25% of my pay until over $20,000 was paid. 25% is a whole lot of money when your already working with a little. Within 2 weeks of starting the process with Mr. Proctor my garnishment was stopped. I also have a little bit of it coming back to me. He is very good with communicating to you the process DAILY! You do not have to call him to see where he is with things. Honestly he was emailing me and texting me to respond to him lol! I say all this to say you are in Great Hands!!"

– T.R.

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