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Is Your New Year's Resolution to Get Out of Debt?

Posted by Jonathan Proctor | Dec 28, 2021

More than 92 million Americans will make a financial New Year's Resolution for 2022.  Those resolutions will range from something as simple as creating a monthly budget to potentially more difficult tasks like paying down debt.  But if you've made those resolutions in the past and, year after year, you find yourself in the same boat, it's time to consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Getting your debt under control (whether through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) isn't just good for your mental health and peace of mind, but also can relieve the physical ailments associated with long term debt problems.  If two of the most popular resolutions are to get healthy and to be better with our finances, then a bankruptcy can help with both at the same time.

If you're struggling with debt, call me and during your free consultation we'll discuss your situation and come up with a plan so you can move forward.  In many cases filing bankruptcy is necessary and I can guide you through the process and help you put these problematic debts behind you.  But I often recommend that my clients don't file bankruptcy and instead pursue non-bankruptcy options which may include creating a new budget or hiring me to assist with debt negotiations if only one or two creditors are causing the problem. 

Together we can work towards finally fulfilling your New Year's Resolution.

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I have been representing debtors in bankruptcy for over 10 years in the greater Atlanta area and have successfully handled thousands of cases.  I was previously the managing partner at a large bankruptcy firm and recently started my own firm with the goal of providing the highest level of client ...

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